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  • Title: Integra Romania / Home
    Descriptive info: .. Contact.. Home.. Despre noi.. Cine suntem.. Parteneri.. Nout i.. Programe.. Investi ie în IMM-uri.. Mentoring/Coaching.. Economie social.. Incluziune social.. Educa ie financiar.. Antreprenoriat rural.. Realiz ri Impact.. Programe derulate în intervalul 2000 - 2009.. Statistici.. Implic -te.. Blog.. Asociaţia Integra România este o organizaţie non profit implicată în dezvoltare comunitară, socio-economică, înfiinţată în anul 2000 în Oradea.. Suntem membri ai Integra network (.. www.. integra.. sk.. ), o reţea de organizaţii de dezvoltare socio-economică.. Aceasta este activă în Centrul şi Răsăritul Europei, având birouri în Slovacia, Bulgaria, Rusia, Serbia, Canada şi Statele Unite, ultimele două sprijinind activitatea celor din Europa.. Ca membri ai acestei reţele ne-am angajat să sprijinim dezvoltarea societăţii civile, a democraţiei şi a economiei de piaţă în România şi în Estul Europei.. Ne-am propus să.. Investim.. în cei  ...   noastre stă încredinţarea că persoanele care construiesc afaceri pe principii creştine pot să devină „insule de integritate” în comunitatea în care-şi desfăşoară activitatea, contribuind astfel la transformarea ei.. Dorim să contribuim la îmbunătăţirea calităţii vieţii fiecărei persoane cu care lucrăm, în speranţa că aceste persoane vor influenţa şi pe altele şi vor insufla un simţământ nou de speranţă în comunitatea şi în ţara noastră.. Având în vedere transformările dramatice prin care trece ţara noastră, prin programele noastre dorim să sprijinim eforturile celor care doresc să înveţe mai mult pentru a face față cu bine acestor schimbări.. Considerăm că fiecare individ merită să fie tratat cu respect şi demnitate, indiferent de condiţia lui socială sau materială.. Aceasta se reflectă şi în sloganul nostru: „Noi vrem să reuşeşti!”.. Copyright 2009 Integra Romania.. created by eXigo..

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  • Title: Integra Romania / About us
    Descriptive info: Contact us.. About us.. Partners.. News.. Programs.. Investment in SMEs.. Social Economy.. Social Inclusion.. Financial education.. Results and impact.. Programs conducted in 2000 - 2009.. Statistics.. Get involved!.. / About us.. Integra Romania, founded in June 2000 in Oradea, is a Romanian non-profit organization involved in community and social-economic development.. We are members of Integra Network (.. ), a network of organizations with a common mission and vision, engaged in socio-economic development.. Integra Network is actively involved in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia, Canada and the US, the latter ones providing assistance to the former ones.. As members, we endorse the economic development of our society, its democratic principles, and the economic market in Romania and Eastern Europe.. Our desire is to Invest in those who actively contribute to community development, to have a positive Influence on the people who  ...   society they inhabit.. One of our core beliefs is that people who establish their businesses on ethical and Christian principles can become ”islands of integrity” in their community, participating in its transformation.. Our desire is to have such a contribution in the lives of each individual we work with that they, in turn, would influence others, and their example will be conducive to growth in our community and in our country.. The striking changes our country is going through, it is our desire to encourage and support the efforts of those who wish to learn more and better adapt to these changes.. We believe each individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of his or her social or economic status.. This is reflected in our motto: „Our goal is your success!”.. More about us:.. Our vision.. Programs:..

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  • Title: Integra Romania / Partners
    Descriptive info: /.. / Partners.. Enterprise Development International.. After nearly two decades of work in more than 50 countries, Enterprise Development International understands that poor people in virtually every country have skills that they want to use to lift their families out of poverty.. Instead of a handout in the form of aid, many thousands of poor clients have received a hand up through training and small business loans.. Enterprise Development International was our very first partner in launching the.. “Micro-Enterprise Development Program for Women at Risk”.. in Romania.. Their first grant helped us serve hundreds of women during the life of the program (2000 – 2002) and beyond.. Even after the official end of the program EDI continued to support our efforts in the community with several small grants.. Integra Ventures.. We provide training and loans for aspiring entrepreneurs in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.. More than 70 staff work in Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Russia, providing business training seminars, one-on-one mentoring, and counsel on marketing, sales, inventory management, and finance.. Shell Foundation.. Shell Foundation inspires, develops and takes to scale sustainable solutions to social problems arising from the links between energy, poverty and the environment – as well as the impact of globalization on vulnerable communities.. It aims to invest in activities that advance its charitable objectives.. Since its launch in 2000, it provided grants and other forms of support to more than 80 initiatives in 28 countries.. Shell Foundation has supported our activities through two generous grants.. The first came in 2001-2004 when we shared a grant with Integra Slovakia for the.. “Micro-Enterprise Development for at Risk in Slovakia and Romania”.. program.. The second grant for the “Market Access” program started in 2004 and will go thru the end of 2007.. Citigroup Foundation.. Working with a global network of Citigroup colleagues and nonprofits in the community, the Foundation supports programs in three areas: Financial Education, Educating the Next Generation, and Building Communities and Entrepreneurs.. Within these areas, the Foundation provides grants and technical expertise to organizations that help people improve their lives, businesses grow, and communities prosper.. Citigroup Foundation has been our partner and donor in the “Micro Enterprise Development” program for women at risk for two periods of time: 2000-2003 and 2003-2006.. In addition they have supported the opening of our branch office in Brasov, Central Romania.. British Embassy Bucharest.. The Department for International Development (DFID) is the part of the UK Government that manages Britain's aid to poor countries and works to  ...   for the first three years.. Later on, USAID’s office from Romania in collaboration with Development Alternatives (below) supported our.. “Self Assessment and Job Orientation for Women at Risk”.. project from October 2003 to September 2004.. AED.. Founded in 1961, AED is an independent, nonprofit organization committed to solving critical social problems and building the capacity of individuals, communities, and institutions to become more self-sufficient.. AED works in all the major areas of human development, with a focus on improving education, health, and economic opportunities for the least advantaged in the United States and developing countries throughout the world.. Canadian International Development Agency.. The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) is Canada’s lead agency for development assistance.. It has a mandate to support sustainable development in developing countries in order to reduce poverty and to contribute to a more secure, equitable, and prosperous world.. CIDA and UNDP partnered with Integra in the implementation of the.. project from April to September 2003.. Development Alternatives.. For 36 years, Development Alternatives built a diverse body of work comparable in scope and impact with any development firm in the world.. But for all the momentum they've gained as an experienced firm with proven procedures and deep-rooted client relationships, DAI remains today what it was as a fledging company in the 1970s: innovative, alert, self-critical, and forward-looking.. DAI provides social and economic development solutions to business, government, and civil society in developing and transitioning countries.. DAI was involved, together with USAID, in the implementation of our project.. from October 2003 to September 2004.. National Agency for Community Programs in Education and Professional Development (ANPCDEFP).. was incorporated in January 2005 as a public institution under the Minister of Education and Research.. The vision of the agency is Integration through Education and Education for Integration.. Education is an important step towards a unified Europe which cultivates in the same time difference and intercultural.. GRUNDTVIG – ADULT EDUCATION.. The GRUNDTVIG Program aims to offer educational alternatives and to improve the access of those, regardless their age, want to accomplish new competencies through adult education tools.. GRUNDTVIG meets the learning needs of the adults and addresses the organizations which ensure their education.. The Agency supports Integra’s „Financial education for vulnerable adults” Program from October 2007 to June 2009.. Ministry of Labor, Family and Equality of Chances.. Partner and main applicant in the project SOCIAL ECONOMY - an innovative model for the promotion of the active inclusion of vulnerable groups.. Other Integra Network Partners:.. Integra Slovakia.. Integra-BDS Bulgaria.. Integra Russia..

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  • Title: Integra Romania / News
    Descriptive info: / News.. Happy Birthday, Integra Romania!.. , 02-06-2011.. Third Grundtvig Project meeting.. , 01-06-2011.. Grundtvig project meeting.. , 15-03-2011.. , 07-11-2010.. Romanian- Austrian Conference.. , 30-10-2010.. European Social Business Tour.. From the end to a new beginning!.. , 10-06-2010.. , 09-06-2010.. We launched the new web site!.. , 23-01-2009.. Anunțuri..

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  • Title: Integra Romania / Investment in SMEs
    Descriptive info: / Investment in SMEs.. In order to grow, businesses are constantly in need of investments.. Nonetheless, investments are sometimes hindered by various factors – lack of collateral, high risk because the business has just started, bad timing, or too high of an interest to facilitate the investment.. In cases as such, Integra seizes the opportunity to assist, if and when the budget allows it.. Investment is made following a set of eligibility criteria.. Integra reserves the right to choose the business which fits best with these criteria and its purposes.. Integra also assists these entrepreneurs  ...   make their businesses „islands of integrity,” who wish to apply Christian moral principles and have a vision for community involvement.. Integra’s involvement is not limited to the financial aspect.. The clients are trained and offered assistance as they write down the business plan, financial projections, cash-flow projections and other various documentation needed for closing the deal, as well as consulting in writing projects to attract European funds.. To this date, these types of investments between Integra and foreign investors start at 20.. 000 Euro and go up to 200.. 000 Euro for one business.. Alte programe:..

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  • Title: Integra Romania / Investment in SMEs
    Descriptive info: / Mentoring/Coaching.. Romania does not have a history of market economy.. In many ways, we are witnessing the birth of the first generation of business people, who started their business by seizing a special opportunity, were forced by outside events or wished to invest their money into a lucrative business.. Few of them had formal training in the field.. Some of them completed degrees while attending to the business, others learned from their experience or from the experience of those around them.. Yet others participated in various trainings or seminars available to them.. Most business people acknowledge the need for formal training, for sharing their experience and learning from what others in the business  ...   a coach who is willing to listen and advise helps the person find solutions.. Integra is also involved in creating opportunities for its clients or prospective clients to meet and consult with other businessmen either from Romania or from abroad.. Part of this program is also a course called „Financial ABC”, offered regularly especially to young couples before getting married, but not only to them.. The course teach the beneficiaries how to make a family budget and presents financial concepts like income, expenses, elements of credit, saving, financial planning, investment, etc.. The knowledge aquired help the beneficiaries avoid the mistakes done because of lack of information and become wiser in administrating their financial resources..

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  • Title: Integra Romania / Social Economy
    Descriptive info: / Social Economy.. AN INNOVATIVE MODEL FOR THE PROMOTION OF THE.. ACTIVE INCLUSION OF VULNERABLE GROUPS.. I.. Minister of Labour, Family and Social Protection (MMFPS), main applicant and coordinator.. Bernard Brunhes International, France.. European Network of Social Integration Enterprises (ENSIE), Bruxelles.. National Agency for Employment (ANOFM), Bucharest.. Integra Association of Romania, Oradea.. DGASPC SECTOR 1, Bucharest.. The Department of Community Social Assistance, Timisoara.. City Hall of Piatra-Neamt.. II.. The Main objective of the project.. To develop an efficient and modern unitary system of social economy by promoting active inclusion of Romanians in both the work place as well as social life, thus helping them improve the quality of their living conditions.. III.. Reasoning.. The need of such project is justified by the following:.. Lack of proper legislation for promoting social economy (the concept of social economy is not being regulated yet);.. Few developed and functional social economic companies in Romania;.. Up to now, social economy was not a priority for the public administration authorities;.. Lack of know how regarding social economy, its advantages as well as the importance of developing this sector in order to achieve a better inclusion of vulnerable groups;.. Reduced involvement of the main vulnerable groups in the decision process related to social inclusion;.. Undeveloped capacity of the public authorities in playing a pivotal role in helping and developing of social economic companies.. IV.. The project's main activities:.. C1 Analyzing and researching Social Economy (SE).. 1.. 1 Analyzing the actual situation of SE at the national level and identifying best practices.. Will be identified and analyzed the following: the need, the actual SE companies, the best practices in Romania, the level of awareness regarding SE among the population, and the specifics needs of each vulnerable group regarding the level of absorption in the labor market.. 2 Analyzing the existing best practices at the European level.. A comparative study will be done regarding SE activities in the EU: successful examples, the main characteristics and legislative forms in several member states, ways to organize and finances SE.. The study will contain recommendations and priorities for developing SE adaptable to the Romanian context.. 3 Sharing experience between UE and Romania.. Based on the previous activities there will several events where participants will be able to share their experience in order to develop SE in Romania.. Furthermore, the best and innovative models will be than presented within transnational seminars.. C2 Developing the national legislature regarding SE.. 2.. 1 Inventory of the existing legislation and organizational models in Romania.. It includes the analyzing of the current legislation (employment model, fiscal advantages, financing mechanism, subsidizing and other advantages given to employers, etc.. ) with its challenges as well as finding  ...   Increasing the level of professional competencies in the are of SE.. Two main activities will be developed: scholarships for attending educational programs in countries where SE is already developed and organizing a competition where the best projects from Romania will be rewarded.. The rewards will be given in the forms of scholarships to study/ visits relevant to the SE area.. 3 Promoting the SE modular in the university curriculum.. Elaborating a sustainable model of a master program in SE and identifying 3 other universities from EU member states which already offer such programs.. The curriculum will be fully developed and the program will be accredited.. At least one Romanian university will be selected to offer the master degree in SE.. The lecturers will be trained accordingly, as well as the courses to be taught.. Thus, a list of several organizations and institutions which will offer internship opportunities to the future students will be provided.. C5 Transnational Partnership.. 5.. 1 Developing the national network.. by initiating several public-private, private-private, and public-public partnerships.. Also there will be an interactive place on the web page of the NRC for all the partnerships formed.. Several national conferences will be organized in order to present the SE initiatives in the next couple of years.. 2 Developing transnational networks.. by encouraging collaboration between the Romanian key people and European SE networks (study visits in the EU, the establishment of partnerships, working together on common projects).. C6 Informing and Awareness Initiatives.. 6.. 1 Activities which give a higher level of visibility to the project: developing a web page, logo, advertisement material, etc.. 2 Informing initiatives addressed to potential SE groups (vulnerable groups) and their partners.. Includes a well developed communication strategy regarding SE which will be implemented by a national effort to inform the people though local meetings, advertisement and informational materials, press conferences, and seminars.. C7 Developing pilot SE companies.. Help will be offered to local communities to develop SE activities.. All three local centers will initiate a competition in the area of SE development within their own communities.. The winner (group, association, foundation, etc.. ) will receive a grant and support from the local center to organize and develop SE activities.. V.. Duration of the project.. The project is for 3 years, 2009-2012.. VI.. Financing the project.. The finances of this project had been secured through the Regional Operational Program Developing Human Resources (Programul operativ sectorial dezvoltarea resurselor umane - AMPOSDRU) 2007-2013.. INTEGRA ASSOCIATION OF ROMANIA is involved in all the components of this project (with various degrees of involvement in each of them).. It is also a member of the Coordination Committee of the Project and actively participates in the meetings..

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  • Title: Integra Romania / Financial education
    Descriptive info: / Financial education.. Financial Education to Fight Adult Exclusion (FEFAE).. European Microfinance Network from Paris, France – coordinator -.. european-microfinance.. org.. Network Credit from Norway -.. mikrofinansnorge.. no.. Reseau Financement Alternatif from Belgium -.. financite.. be.. Banco Mundial de la Mujer from Spain -.. bancomujer.. Association Integra Romania from Oradea, Romania -.. integraromania.. ro.. Fair Finance from Great Britain -.. fairfinance.. uk.. The goal of the project.. The constitution of the FEFAE Partnership aims to bring together professionals working in relation with vulnerable people, mainly adults at risk of financial and social exclusion, to allow them access to financial literacy that will enable them to better face the risk of exclusion through better management of their family budget and / or budget of their business.. This will be achieved through the exchange of best practices and  ...   financial education providers and practitioners;.. Uphold long-term collaboration between organizations committed to increasing financial literacy levels of vulnerable adults;.. Develop partnerships to target specific groups at risk of exclusion.. Activities.. The FEFAE Group partners will participate in activities that aim to increase the knowledge and skills of financial education practitioners to provide quality, ethical and professional financial education by:.. Participating in FEFAE Group Partnership meetings in different partner offices to exchange ideas, practices and reflections, and to gain insight into the different conditions across EU;.. Organizing exchange field visits to observe teaching practices and delivery methods;.. Mutual cooperation on expanding the existing web-based platform on financial education for vulnerable adults.. Is 2 years, from August 2010 – July 2012.. Finance provider:.. Agentia Nationala pentru Programe Comunitare in Domeniul Educatiei si Formarii Profesionale (ANPCDEFP) through Grundtvig Program..

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  • Title: Integra Romania / Antreprenoriat rural pentru dezvoltare sustenabila
    Descriptive info: / Antreprenoriat rural pentru dezvoltare sustenabilă.. Antreprenoriat rural pentru dezvoltare sustenabilă..

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  • Title: Integra Romania / Programs conducted in 2000 - 2009
    Descriptive info: / Programs conducted in 2000 - 2009.. Programs implemented in 2000 – 2009.. The mission that we carried on between 2000 and 2009 was to support and offer access to economic and social opportunities to the disadvantaged people and to small businesses so they could participate in making Romania an ethical and prosperous country.. Having this in mind, Integra Romania offered a full package of services to its clients, to help them start or expand a small business.. Target groups.. Women at risk (unemployed, widows, single mothers, divorced women) with a strong motivation and desire to manage a small business, willing ot learn new things.. Families involved in a small business.. Small business owners in the rural areas.. Handicraft Producers in different counties of Romania.. In the relationship with our clients we used a holistic approach which included:.. Supporting small business owners who wanted to start or expand a small business through.. training, micro loans, consulting and facilitating access to the market.. Supporting the marginalized and disadvantaged groups by offering them.. entrepreneurial training and micro loans,.. and thus contributing to poverty alleviation.. Promoting ethical principles in business and the.. Corporate Social Responsibility.. concept.. Entrepreneurial Training Program (2000-2007).. – we organized training courses on: Business Plan, Marketing, Advertising, Financial Analysis, Risk Analysis, Time Management, Negotiation.. During this period, we trained 1,667 people, most of them participating in training courses or modules on entrepreneurial training.. The training on entrepreneurship was for 16-20 hours and the final product was a business plan produced by each participant for their existing business or for their business idea.. Potential evaluation and job orientation for women at risk Program (2005-2006).. – had helped 200 women to know themselves better and make the right decision regarding their professional carreer.. Within the program we evaluated the abilities of the beneficiaries and we guided them through individual counselling.. Then they could participate in two different courses or even in both of them.. The first one was on Job Orientation and included writing a resume, letter of intention, interview, creating a personal development plan.. The second one was Initiation in Business and included self assessment, Marketing, time management, negotiation, business plan, financial analysis, legal consulting, business simulation.. The outputs of this program were:.. 198 were beneficiaries of skills assessment.. 193 women benefited of individual counseling.. 169 women participated in training courses.. 72 women found a job according to their studies and skills.. 28 women started a small business.. 37 women continued their school (university, professional schools).. Agricultural Training Program (2002 – 2004).. – had supported hundreds of farmers to get more theoretical and practical knowledge and information in order to be better in what they do.. 416 people participated in the 19 training courses organized in 18 months.. We organized 5 trainings in business planning, 5 trainings in mushroom cultivating, 2 trainings in vegetable cultivation, 2 trainings in horticulture, 1 training in beekeeping, 1 training in raising animals, 1 training in fruit tree cultivating, 1 training in chicken raising, 1 training in accounting.. The Micro Lending Program for small businesses in urban and rural areas.. – consisted of offering consulting for the development of a business plan, micro loans to start or expand a small business and consulting during the term of the loan.. 968 micro loans of a total value of 2.. 8 million USD were disbursed in seven years of activity.. Although the loans were disbursed to people with a high degree of risk, the success rate was very big and in 7 years of activity we only lost 9,000 USD.. These loans had created and sustained 2,692 jobs and 395 small businesses.. A number of around 9,000 people were the direct and indirect beneficiaries of these loans.. Market Access Program (2004-2007).. – had supported small production businesses to find new markets for their products  ...   Poland, Integra Foundation of Slovakia, Autonomia Foundation of Hungary, Network Credit of Norway, The European Microfinance Network of France, and Evers & Jung of Germany.. The goals of this project are:.. Sharing experience among the partners in educating adults, including successful methodology and tools used in the process;.. Launching a web page related to financial education of adults, which includes useful information related to various programs, services among the partners as well as other interested parties;.. A long term relationship among the partners in order to continually increase the efficiency of our financial programs to vulnerable people.. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.. 10.. In our modern society we are invaded by a variety of options and opportunities available to us, opportunities we did not have in the past, each with its own tempting offer.. Many fall pray to the desire for more.. The lack of education and a proper understanding of financial issues, all work together towards building debt and increasing the numbers of debtors.. Some people apply to get credit without fully understanding the financial implications – many times they don’t even realize the need to calculate their monthly earnings against the amount to be paid monthly.. And so, they don’t understand its real impact on the family’s monthly budget.. To complicate things even more, many people are not even aware of the notion „monthly budget”.. Nowadays it’s fairly easy to apply and be granted consumer credit, and as a result, many spend much more than they should or can afford to.. A recent statistic shows 90% of late fees applied to any given credit are for consumer credits.. Romania has now its own Credit Bureau to which all banks and financial institutions need to report their financial activity pertaining to loans and credit.. At the end of the year 2007 five million Romanians – roughly a quarter of the country’s population – were registered as having at least one active loan.. Despite these measures, there are many who sink further and further into debt by accessing a loan only to pay another.. There are several notorious cases known nationwide and one involves an individual who has loans from nine banks and another who has twenty active loans from fourteen banks!.. One other aspect worth mentioning is the increasing number of unsatisfied clients who complain the banks are not specific enough when it comes to payment options and fees.. The initial commission is in many cases more than anticipated, details are intentionally written in small print and terms that are used are not well understood by the untrained eye.. A large segment of the population has a limited understanding of a budget concept and how it should be utilized.. Unfortunately, young people do not learn such things in school.. Thus, the consequences of poor financial planning has negative impact on the relationships among members of the family and could lead to break ups.. Our financial program does not target only people with financial difficulties but all those who would like to learn how to prevent potential problems and become financially proactive.. In other words, the program is designed to address issues such as savings and investments, future planning related to education, vacations, retirement.. It introduces very practical tools in how to save and invest, in such a way that each individual could decide upon which one works best for a given situation.. Ways of implementing the program.. Round tables where topics described above will be introduced to the public by means of radio and TV programs.. Seminars.. Individual financial coaching.. Conference.. Printing a booklet which will include the necessary financial information..

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