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  • Title: Universitatea Constantin Brancoveanu
    Descriptive info: .. Universitatea Constantin Brâncoveanu.. ro.. |.. en.. DESPRE NOI.. -.. Acreditare.. Istoric.. Baza legislativa.. Misiune, etica, valori, cultura organizationala.. Structuri de conducere.. Structuri functionale.. Managementul calitatii.. Raportul universitatii pe anul 2011.. Alegeri universitare 2012.. FACULTATI.. PITESTI.. BRAILA.. RM.. VALCEA.. Examen de licenta.. Examen de dizertatie.. Departament P.. P.. D.. Departament I.. F.. R.. CERCETARE.. Centre de cercetare.. Contracte de cercetare.. Evenimente stiintifice.. Editura Independenta Economica.. Strategii manageriale.. Informatii utile.. STUDENTI.. Asociatia Studentilor Brâncoveni.. Program social.. Burse Erasmus.. Cercetare stiintifica studenteasca.. Cariere.. Biblioteca.. Cazare: Campus Residence Pitesti.. Campus life.. Dialog Studentesc Brâncovenesc.. RESURSE.. Resurse umane.. Spatii educationale.. Aula Magna.. Master Centre.. ADMITEREA 2012.. Studii de licenta.. Studii de masterat.. Taxe.. Dosar de inscriere.. D.. I.. Departamentul de  ...   Alumni.. EDITURA.. Premii obtinute la expozitii si targuri de carte.. Catalog (PDF).. Colectii.. Revista Strategii Manageriale.. STIRI.. 15:25 - Ora Erasmus, ora Universitatii Constantin Brancoveanu!.. Caravana profesiilor la Universitatea Constantin Brancoveanu.. Universitatea Constantin Brancoveanu respecta valorile romanesti.. CONTACT.. Află toate informaţiile despre ADMITEREA 2012 cu un click aici !.. Sitemap.. |.. Contact.. - Pitesti, Calea Bascovului nr.. 2A, tel.. : +40 248.. 21.. 26.. 27, 22.. 10.. 98; fax: +40 248.. 22.. 98.. - Râmnicu Vâlcea, Str.. Nicolae Balcescu nr.. 39, tel.. : +40 250.. 73.. 00.. 64, 73.. 91.. 22; fax: +40 250.. 64.. - Braila, Str.. Rubinelor nr.. 16 - 18, tel.. : +40 239.. 61.. 25.. 39, 61.. 33.. 08; fax: +40 239.. 39..

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  • Title: Constantin Brâncoveanu University - ABOUT US
    Descriptive info: Constantin Brâncoveanu University.. HOME.. ABOUT US.. FACULTIES.. RESEARCH.. STUDENTS.. RESOURCES.. 2012 ADMISSIONS.. CAREERS.. PUBLISHING.. NEWS.. Home.. About Us.. 20 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE IN HIGHER EDUCATION.. Constantin Brâncoveanu University is a private higher education institution founded in 1991 as one of Romania s first six private universities that were accredited by MECT, according to Law no.. 242/23rd of April, 2002.. The university runs its activities in three academic campuses situated in the towns of Piteşti, Râmnicu Vâlcea and Brăila, and has its headquarters in Piteşti.. It currently provides study programmes in the fields of Management and Business Administration, Marketing, Economics, Foreign Affairs, Finance, Accounting, Law, Foreign Relations and European Studies, Communication Sciences, Administration Sciences,  ...   the European Network for Business Studies and Languages (SPACE), along with other 91 universities in 25 countries, as well as a member of University International Association, a world organization based in Paris which brings together higher education institutions in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia.. In the year 2011, following institutional evaluation made by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS), Constantin Brâncoveanu University was awarded the highest degree which can be granted to higher education institutions in Romania: "HIGH CONFIDENCE RATING".. Accreditation.. History.. Legislative Framework.. Mission, ethics, organizational culture.. Management Structures.. Functional Structures.. Quality Management.. University Report for 2011.. Academic elections 2012.. CBU PITEŞTI.. CBU RM.. VÂLCEA.. CBU BRĂILA..

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  • Title: Constantin Brâncoveanu University - Accreditation
    Descriptive info: Pursuant to the external institutional evaluation process undertaken by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS), Constantin Brâncoveanu University was awarded the HIGH CONFIDENCE RATING and the validation certificate was presented to the Rector of CBU by professor Ioan Curtu, Ph.. , President of ARACIS, during the University Senate Meeting of 16th of February, 2011.. The evaluation commission concluded that all quantitative and qualitative indicators related to academic infrastructure have been met, which proves the university properly ensures quality conditions and standards and therefore creates the favourable context to assure quality in the future.. In terms of this degree, Constantin Brâncoveanu  ...   public and private universities have succeeded in obtaining the highest degree ARACIS has awarded in Romania so far.. The strengths and good practice which can be applied in other public or private universities, too, have been emphasized by the evaluation commission members in their reports posted on ARACIS web site and have envisaged the university s modern academic leadership and management, exceptional infrastructure, teaching staff, good student-tutor relations and partnerships, extracurricular activity support, foreign partnerships and ongoing contacts the University Board and academic community members keep with graduates, local authorities and employers of those who graduate from the study programs provided by the university..

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  • Title: Constantin Brâncoveanu University - History
    Descriptive info: 1991.. :.. Constantin Brâncoveanu University was founded in 1991, and its first academic structures were the Faculties of Management Marketing in Economic Affairs: Brăila (1991), Piteşti (1992), Rm.. Vâlcea (1991).. Diversifying the study profiles was one of the Board s main objectives and the first step in this respect was taken in 1999, when the Faculty of Finance-Accounting was established in Piteşti.. 2000.. :.. The Faculties of Communication, Public Relations and Journalism were founded in Piteşti and Brăila.. 2002.. Constantin Brâncoveanu University received its institutional accreditation by Law no.. 242 of 23rd of April, belonging to the category of the first six private higher education institutions which were granted recognition.. The same year, according to the approval of MECT, the Department for Master Studies and Postgraduate Refresher Courses was set up at the Faculty of Management Marketing in Economic Affairs.. The educational range was completed by Training Classes in Psychology and Teaching organized by the Department for Teaching Staff Training.. Still in 2002, Management and Marketing specializations were accredited in compliance with Governmental Decision 410/25th of April, 2002 and new specializations were set up, namely Foreign Economic Relations and Economics in Commerce,  ...   of Juridical, Administrative and Communication Sciences along with the authorization of specializations such as Law - Juridical Sciences field, Foreign Relations and European Studies, and Social Assistance.. 2006:.. The specialization called Business Administration was set up at the Faculty of Management Marketing in Economic Affairs.. 2007:.. The specializations in Accounting and Administrative Data Processing, and Journalism were granted institutional accreditation in compliance with Governmental Decision 676/28 of June, 2007.. 2008:.. The specialization in Communication and Public Relations was institutionally accredited according to Governmental Decision 635/11 of June, 2008.. New Master specializations were also accredited: Human Resource Management, School Economic Management, Business-to-Business Marketing, within the Faculty of Management Marketing in Economic Affairs, and Accounting Standards, Regulations and Policies within the Faculty of Finance-Accounting.. 2009:.. The Master degree program in Managerial Communication and Public Relations was accredited.. The Economics in Commerce, Tourism and Services specialization, as Bachelor degree education, received its institutional accreditation.. 2010:.. During 9-12 November, Constantin Brâncoveanu University was visited by ARACIS for the process of its external institutional re-evaluation.. 2011:.. Constantin Brâncoveanu University was awarded the highest degree which Romania s higher education institutions may receive: ".. HIGH CONFIDENCE RATING.. "..

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  • Title: Constantin Brâncoveanu University - Legislative Framework
    Descriptive info: LEGISLATIVE FRAMEWORK.. University Charter and Ethics Code.. (RO).. //.. Regulation for Organizing and Running the Appointment of University Management Structures.. /.. Quality White Paper.. (RO) /.. /.. Regulation for Organizing, Running and Funding Scientific Research.. Growth Strategy of Scientific Research Activities during 2009-2013.. (RO) //.. Regulation for Organizing and Running Departments.. //.. Regulation for Evaluating Teaching Staff Performance.. Regulation of Financial-Accounting Performance.. Regulation of Technical Secretariats Performance.. Regulation of Administration.. Regulation for Organizing and Running Bachelor Courses.. (RO) //.. Regulation for Organizing and Running Master Courses.. Regulation for Organizing and Running Weekend Education Department.. Regulation for Organizing and Running the  ...   Economica Publishing House.. Regulation for Introducing, Monitoring, Periodically Evaluating and Approving Study Programmes.. Regulation for Issuing, Transferring, Accessing and Keeping Documents.. Regulation for Schedule Set-up.. Regulation for Student Professional Activities.. Regulation for Student Assessment and Grading.. Regulation for Student Scientific Performance.. Regulation for Students Direct Guidance and Class Mentors Duties.. Regulation for Recognizing Studies Attended in Other Institutions According to Agreements, Contracts or International Programs.. Regulation for Scholarship Grants.. Regulation for Undergoing Didactic Activities with High and Low Performance Student Groups.. Regulation for Students Specialized Internship Activities.. Regulation for Organizing and Running the Appointment of Students in University Management Structures..

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  • Title: Constantin Brâncoveanu University - Mission, ethics, organizational culture
    Descriptive info: Mission, Ethics, Organizational Culture.. EDUCATIONAL AND SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH GOALS.. Constantin Brâncoveanu University fulfils its goals by training and coaching specialists in the fields of economic, juridical, administrative, communication, social sciences, and foreign relations while undertaking scientific research activities on its own and in collaboration with similar institutions in the country and abroad, thus cultivating and disseminating the values of universal culture and civilization as it obeys fundamental human rights and freedom, and promotes free, critical thinking.. ETHICS.. The ethics code regulates professional conduct standards and includes a set of general morality rules, academic practice duties and principles regarding the performance of Constantin Brâncoveanu academic community members.. Academic Ethics Code.. Academic Ethics Commission.. (RO).. ESSENTIAL CRITERIA.. high quality  ...   academic year inauguration festivity, Student Scientific Research Session, Communication Day, Freshmen s Ball, honor lectures when concluding an academic year, Christmas Tree Celebration, 8 March Celebration, special events to the staff (promotions, birthdays, weddings).. University Anthem.. De la Dunăre la Argeş,.. De la Argeş pân la Olt,.. Brâncoveanu - şcoala noastră.. E prezentă peste tot.. Chorus:.. Brâncovene, Constantine,.. Patriot şi domn creştin,.. Ne întoarcem către tine.. Să ne fie drumul lin.. Fii mereu cu noi, părinte,.. Ocroteşte-ne cum ştii!.. Noi, cu toţii, ţinem minte.. C-ai avut şi tu copii.. Am clădit prin sacrificii,.. Te-am avut mereu simbol,.. Să dispară trădătorii!.. Să-nflorească acest popor!.. Sufletele luminate,.. Ţara mândră să ne fie!.. Terminăm cu umilinţa,.. Vrem izbândă pe vecie!.. Chorus:..

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  • Title: Constantin Brâncoveanu University - Management Structures
    Descriptive info: Constantin Brâncoveanu University has chosen an hierarchical-linear structure in a flexible concept which allows committee or matrix management to intervene if special problems occur.. RECTOR -.. Professor Ovidiu Puiu, Ph.. VICE RECTOR - Didactic activity - Professor Marius Gust, Ph.. VICE RECTOR - Scientific activity - Reader Sebastian Ene, Ph.. PRESIDENT OF THE SENATE -.. Professor Ion Scurtu, Ph.. FOUNDER -.. Professor Alexandru Puiu, Ph.. FACULTY CHAIRS:.. Faculty of  ...   of FINANCE - ACCOUNTING, Piteşti.. DEAN - Associate Professor Silvia Dugan, Ph.. Faculty of JURIDICAL, ADMINISTRATIVE AND COMMUNICATION SCIENCES, Piteşti.. DEAN - Professor Radu Gabriel Pârvu, Ph.. Faculty of Management Marketing in ECONOMIC AFFAIRS, Brăila.. DEAN -.. Associate Professor Camelia Vechiu, Ph.. Faculty of.. ADMINISTRATIVE AND COMMUNICATION SCIENCES.. , Brăila.. Associate Professor Liliana Gherman, Ph.. Faculty of Management Marketing In ECONOMIC AFFAIRS, Râmnicu-Vâlcea.. DEAN - Professor Iuliana Ciochina, Ph..

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  • Title: Constantin Brâncoveanu University - Functional Structures
    Descriptive info: ADMINSTRATIVE DEPARTMENT:.. Managing Director: Ph.. Dc.. Narcis Stan, narcis.. stan@univcb.. ro.. FMMAE Rm.. Vâlcea - Mircea Mirescu / FMMAE Brăila - Daniel Ganea.. HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT:.. Human resources manager:.. Ph.. Alina Voiculeţ.. ECONOMIC DEPARTMENT:.. Economic Manager: Ph.. Florin Dima, florin.. dima@univcb.. Vâlcea - Ph.. Dorina Luţă / FMMAE Brăila - Economist Gabriela Prunău.. JURIDICAL DEPARTMENT:..  ...   FMMAE Brăila - Ph.. Dorian Rais.. DEPARTMENT OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND PUBLIC RELATIONS:.. Erasmus Program Manager: Tudorel Popescu, tudorel.. popescu@univcb.. CAREER COUNCILING CENTER:.. Career Councellor: Ph.. Mirela Răcăşan, mirela.. racasan@univcb.. Denisa Parpandel / FMMAE Brăila - Suzana Purice.. DOCUMENTATION CENTER - LIBRARY.. Coordinator: Liliana Diţoiu, liliana.. ditoiu@univcb.. Vâlcea - Nicoleta Iordache/ FMMAE Brăila - Veronica Bădilă..

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  • Title: Constantin Brâncoveanu University - Quality Management
    Descriptive info: "Our quality policy includes permanent improvement of all our performance, by promoting the spirit of creativity and determining each and every employee be responsible in achieving his role.. Our priorities are: beneficiaries, resources, scientific research, communication".. University Professor Alexandru Puiu, Rector.. The manner of performing and monitoring activities in Constantin Brancoveanu University is brought under regulation by the setting up, documentation, implementation and maintenance of a quality management system related to university activities and in compliance with requirements of the international standard SR EN ISO 9001/2001  ...   to meet the requirements of all beneficiaries, both direct and indirect, as well as the partners and other interested parties expectations.. Regulation for assuring educational services quality.. Structures concerning quality management (RO).. Quality policy and objectives - 2010-2011 (RO).. Measures for quality improvement - 2010-2011 (RO).. Internal evaluation program concerning academic activity quality (RO).. Quality evaluations program 2007-2010 (RO).. Statements concerning the quality of educational and scientific research services in Constantin Brancoveanu University of Piteşti.. 2010 Report (RO).. 2009 Report (RO).. 2008 Report (RO).. 2005 Report (RO)..

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  • Title: Constantin Brâncoveanu University - University Report for 2011
    Descriptive info: University Report For 2011.. Constantin Brâncoveanu University 2011 Annual Report.. REPORTS ARCHIVE.. Constantin Brâncoveanu University 2010 Annual Report..

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  • Title: Constantin Brâncoveanu University - Academic elections 2012
    Descriptive info: Academic Elections 2012.. ACADEMIC ELECTIONS 2012.. This is the page containing information about the academic elections at Constantin Brancoveanu University and all documents uploaded here will be in Romanian.. Thank you for your understanding!..

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  • Archived pages: 116